About Us

ENERGY PROJECTS SUPPORT COMPANY LTD (ENPRO) is a Saudi owned businesses Group located at Al-Khobar (KSA). The company started different businesses in 1988 and was registered properly in 1995. Enpro's portfolio consist of products and services for providing safe, efficient and cost effective solutions to both upstream and downstream sectors of Oil & Gas industry.

Over the past many years Enpro has succeeded to build a very good reputations with its customers mainly due to consistently delivering the products and services in a safe, cost effective manner with a high standards of service quality.

We are the local manufacturer of casing centralizers, reamer shoe and float equipment under license of Downhole Products (DHP) for manufacturing completion equipment.

Enpro also represents DHP (Downhole products).

Enpro represents TAM International which is an independent oilfield services company providing inflatable packers, swellable packers, and associated downhole products and services to the oil and gas industry. TAM International inflatable and swellable packers offer highly flexible tool systems that are effective in a broad range of applications and in a wide variety of well constructions, especially where conventional packers and operations are ineffective.

Enpro is also a solo provider of Corrosion prevention solutions for both EXTERNAL and INTERNAL tubular and casings.

We represent Maxtube We provide fiber glass GRE (Glass Reinforced Epoxy) lining for downhole corrosion prevention of the tubing and casings. MaxTube is in business since 35 years and have installed more than 100 million feet of lining worldwide on more than 45000 wells.

We have solution for external corrosion preventions of the pipes and casing through our affiliate Bond-coat Inc.

Enpro also represents TCO. Founded in 1998, TCO is a provider of products and services to the global oilfield services industry. The Company serves the upstream oil and natural gas industry throughout the reservoir life cycle and specializes in the design, manufacturing and installation of completion barrier plugs (laminated glass barrier plugs), chemical injection systems, topside chemical injection systems, multi-cycle valves and B-annulus relief systems, as well as the provision of tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP) equipment and services

Enpro also represents HCL who are specialized in downhole clamping solutions. HCL manufacture Smart band standard, smart band hybrid, smart ties, smart protector, installation tools and Bespoke solutions.

ENPRO strengths stand in its ability to consistently deliver to its customer’s requirements by understanding the challenges and providing on-time solutions.

Mission Statement

“ Commitment to excellence in manufacturing of innovative and quality petroleum, natural gas & energy field products, services and technologies that meet industry requirements ”.

Vision Statement

“ Enpro’s vision is to be an industry leader in manufacturing petroleum, natural gas & energy field products, services, and technologies; keeping customer’s trust through continuous improvement integrity, teamwork and innovation that meets the energy challenges of tomorrow.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to become the leading manufacturer in the Middle East for upstream and downstream equipment ”.